5 Asian Furniture Favorites From Our Trip To China

asian-noodlesAn Asian Treasure Hunt

If you know Elements East, you know that we love the unique discoveries that we find on every trip. While we’re on the hunt for Asian furniture, we always find so very much more!

Beijing-sheepOur last trip was no exception. Experiencing the culture, as well as the sights, smells, sounds, and vibe was truly energizing. Our partnerships with Asian furniture collectors, restorers and artisans are inspirational. While the weather was blistering hot, our mission to find a selection of amazing finds was realized! Each trip has its own story to tell; this one was “old meets new, rustic meets modern.”

We don’t arrive in China with expectations of what we might find. New or antique, we rarely find two of a kind. This trip we travelled further out of Beijing than we have in the past. While the travel days were long, we were able to see more of the country side than ever before.

Your First Look At What’s New


1. Indoor/Outdoor Items

We found amazing rustic planters, containers, and workmen benches.

2. Ceramics For Days

We found more of our favorite (and best selling!) white ceramics, plus a few new shapes and colors like blue, celadon, and brown.

3. Textiles For The Floor, Walls, and More

Don’t forget the amazing textiles. You’re going to love our giant new wall hanging when it arrives!

4. Lacquer Still Has It

Lacquer cabinets never get old, and we found some great pieces. You’ll see lots of black in new shapes and sizes, as well as blues, greens, and teals.

5. Smaller Pieces For Every Environment

Finally, we picked up some lovely new stone items at a small enough scale for anyone to enjoy. We’ll be bringing in some new Buddhas, praying children, and even a few pigs to celebrate 2019 – the year of the pig! (Stay tuned…we’re already planning our celebration!)

The Place Where Old Meets New


Elements East is here to help you integrate these beautiful and unique pieces of culture and history into your life. We offer design consultations, both at our store in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, or in your home. You can visit us in person, or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. Stay tuned in as we share more about our travels and inspiration by joining our email list today!

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